About Us

Our Mission

We are a young team determined to transfom unwanted little souvenirs into perfect gifts. That’s what we set out to do and SIMPLEWISH is the result.


  • Valentin Aschermann Valentin Aschermann
  • Christoph Bitzner Christoph Bitzner
  • Jakob Reiter Jakob Reiter
  • Christoph Aschberger Christoph Aschberger
  • Dina Tasic Dina Tasic
  • Julia Spatzierer Julia Spatzierer
  • Adrian Zettl Adrian Zettl
  • Maria Hochstöger Maria Hochstöger


It all began at Valentin's graduation party. 50 of the guests he invited via facebook gave him 23! bottles of wine at the party. 23! The next day Valentin roughly calculated that he could have gotten a new camera for the same amount. That’s how the basic idea of our online service was born. Very soon after Valentin Aschermann found a great complementary partner in Christoph Bitzner. Christoph was able to recruit Jakob Reiter and Christoph Aschberger for the technical execution. Dina Tasic and Karl Schauenstein round up our gang for Design and Communications. In order to spread the word further Julia Spatzierer, Adrian Zettl and Maria Hochstöger joined the team.

But enough about us, just take a look yourself. Cheers and happy gift giving!